POWER - 6 Things That Will Happen When You Embrace Being Alone

Being a loner is still seen as scandalous. Perish the thought of you going to a restaurant on your own and enjoying listening to a bit of jazz, going to another city and visit the paradisiac shores of Monaco, or spending a night in with a glass of wine thinking about your future plans. Doing something solo is a journey of self-discovery and a great confidence-builder. Spending time alone makes you feel independent and open-minded. Nothing beats the feeling of saying that you made it on your own. It also gives you great time to think things over, whether it’s in your personal life or professionally, the time and space with yourself help you reflect on things.

Rebellious, passionate, outspoken: here is why you should enjoy your own company.

1. You Get To Know The Real You


This may sound silly – of course you know you, or do you? When you isolate yourself and make yourself the sole responsible of yourself; you find out about you, discover what you are truly feeling with no outside influences. We’re not talking just locking yourself in your apartment 24/7, but just doing things alone and letting yourself care about what only you want. Whether it’s hitting the shops or travelling, you will get to know yourself inside out you will start hearing what only your inner voice says and what you are truly interested in doing. Making decisions alone such as where to eat or choosing a sweater based on only your opinion is an underestimated luxury.

2. You See You're Enough


You won’t have this fear of being stared down by everyone around you once you get into the swing of things. You don’t have to be surrounded by a flock, you are good enough – we promise. On your own, you could run a huge business, buy a house, write a book, you don’t need other people for all that. People worry about how they will survive extreme situations, but we can all pull through ok, when you are alone, you learn to be self-sufficient and self-responsible which makes you truly self-confident and powerful!

3. You Become More Creative 


When surrounded by friends and family, we naturally yearn for their support and for them to stay by our side. Besides making us happy, they create a comfort zone that we don’t dare to step out of, which is rather disadvantageous at times. Knuckling down to the nitty gritty and getting work done is always more productive when you’re on your own. Alone, you can let those creative juices flow and create a real masterpiece. Challenge yourself and push yourself to your limits. come up with an original business idea that investors will be snapping up out of your hands That business idea that you have been thinking long and hard about will start bearing fruit and take your desired industry by storm. Brainstorming always come much more naturally when you’re alone.

4. You Notice More


Whether you will be more productive at work because you’ll observe what’s happening around you, or you’ll notice that, actually, that friend of yours isn’t quite as fine as they claimed, making some you time will make you notice more. Ever found yourself curiously looking out of a window during a taxi ride to a new city and letting yourself observe and discover new things? That is the feeling we’re talking about. Once you have disconnected from people, social media and your phone, you will connect with new things around you - scenery, architecture, feelings. You will see things through a new perspective - instead of processing what other see and how they interpret their surroundings, you will be a free spirit, your mind will be more open to discovering.

5. You Appreciate The Silence


In the hustle and bustle of modern day life, we never just get a chance to sit still and listen to nothing. Yes, nothing! Silence is so soothing and therapeutic, it’ll give your ears a break from people, traffic, music. Sitting in a quiet country park and just listening to the birds is just revolutionary – you should try it!

6. You Appreciate Your Loved Ones


Not that you don’t already, but you may have a habit of complaining about one particular friend with constant boyfriend issues, or about your parents winding you up every time you head back to your family home – once you’ve spent some time on your own, trust us, those complaints will actually become qualities. Distance helps you evaluate things differently and understand your loved ones better, you’ll see them through a fresh pair of eyes. You’ll appreciate every interaction with every person you know, and you’ll recognize people’s efforts a lot more too.

What do you love about being alone? What are your future solo projects? Let us know in the comments – maybe we’ll find other reasons to add to the list.

By Emma Philo - Editor at She Is Rebel 


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