POWER – Is Power Dressing Necessarily Formal?

Despite us claiming to be open-minded and thinking outside the box, on some things, we’re a little behind. Here at She Is Rebel, we’re all about celebrating powerful women who are dressing confidently to express themselves as women – on the other hand, imagine what style we associate a powerful woman figure with. Imagine a female CEO of a company, how are they mostly dressed? If you say a suit – then think “why” and question your own choices. Would you see yourself dressed as to show your confidence and power as a woman? Would you only want this option despite zillions of outfit options offered to us on the market? Is a formal way of dressing the only option to be taken seriously in business?

Powerful women certainly feel empowered by their clothes, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve brought out the classic black suit and glided into work in their pointiest high heels, nor does it mean they haven’t. Truthfully, these kinds of women feel empowered by what makes them feel confident and at their best – whether it is a power suit, their favorite figure-hugging pair of jeans or their most feminine pleated maxi skirt, any style can be deemed a powerful outfit. Because it’s not necessarily what you are wearing, but how you are wearing it. Two people can walk into the office in the same outfit but the confidence, the positive demeanor and the smile that one of them conveys is obviously going to make them look more empowered and ready for business than the one cowering away and trying to avoid everyone’s gaze (basically me on a Monday morning, I’ve been there).

She Is Rebel - POWER – Is Power Dressing Necessarily Formal? - Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso, CEO of Girlbossvia Architectural Digest

Asserting your power and authority isn’t solely reliant on which suit you’ve dug out from the depths of your wardrobe, but more on picking an outfit that represents you. Some of the craziest stage outfits could be seen as empowering because the artist worked the outfit, and it became synonymous with their personality, even though, admittedly you would not wear some of Rihanna’s wacky stage outfits to work.

It’s time to rethink what power dressing means to us. Time to be more literal – power dressing is dressing to feel powerful, not necessarily wearing the stereotypical “business” outfits that society likes to force upon us. Nothing is more attractive in business or in our social lives than someone who carries who they are in their style, oozes confidence and sophistication and rolls with it. We all must have come across that person in the street, wearing a bold outfit, head held high and walking the street like it’s a catwalk, and we’ve all thought “I wish I was them”. Well, you too, could be that person. Realistically, what is stopping you?

She Is Rebel - POWER – Is Power Dressing Necessarily Formal? - Maria Molland Selby

Maria Molland Selby, CEO of SheThinx, Via Maria Molland Selby Twitter

So grab a pen and paper, and truthfully answer these questions, they’ll help you pinpoint the outfit that makes you look like you mean business while channeling your inner power into your self-presentation.

  • What are you wearing in your favorite photo of yourself?
  • What outfit makes you feel badass?
  • What outfit makes you want to swish your hair as you walk down the street?
  • What makes you feel and look good? This can be fashion, feelings, music, a ritual that you do each day.

She Is Rebel - POWER – Is Power Dressing Necessarily Formal? - Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney, Creative director of her own luxury brand, Via NY Mag

As you’ll see, the answer isn’t necessarily laying in your favorite suit – although, we’re not bashing suits at all, we love a co-ord! But it could be black trousers with some velvet sock boots, it could be a little black dress to wear on a night out with the girls – the moral is, just wear whatever you makes you carefree and rebellious. That’s an outfit we could all do with!

By Emma Philo - Editor at She Is Rebel 


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