POWER - Is The World Stopping You From Becoming A Style Icon?

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First question: Do you think you dress well?

Second question: Do you think your wardrobe is stylish?

(If you said YES to these two, you might reconsider after the third question.)

Third question: Are you afraid to wear an item of clothing because of public opinion?

If you are one of those whose first two answers were NO and the third one YES then you are in the right place. Today's fashion problem we discuss is public opinion and the fear we feel from it.

Public opinion has claimed victims worldwide and does so every single day. It's like a plague and the worst part is you can't find a cure that's going to fix it once and for all. Depending on the day, mood, weather and such, we are all falling under its mean claws from time to time. But the thing is being socially aware of your surroundings is a great thing. It means you think about the people you live with, as every human living on this planet should. But when those opinions get in the way of your day, job, mood, or the worst case scenario your lifestyle, it becomes a much bigger problem.


It’s so easy to fall into this dark void. Just think of the last time you faced a hater online that dared to comment on your appearance hiding behind the safety and anonymity of his/her screen. Just by scrolling on your Instagram feed and seeing a photo of a blogger, influencer, celebrity or anyone who dares to be different and share his/her style choices with the world, you’ll see tons of comments. Most of them are great. Some of them are not. But let’s ask ourselves another question. Do they let these comments get in their way?

I understand that everyone has an opinion and everyone is entitled to, but nowadays more so than ever those opinions are filled with hatred and complete disregard of feelings. While there is nothing we can do to stop those comments, we too have choices. We can decide to ignore them, we can clap back and face them, but there is one thing we should never ever do. That, my stylish friends, is to let those opinions affect us and (god forbid) our style. It is a crime to let the haters win. That is today’s subject. That special case of public opinion victims that let hateful words and comments meddle in their wardrobe department. Yes, you should dress accordingly, for work, a funeral, a wedding or any kind of event that requires a special attire. But even then you shouldn't let your personal style not shine through in all of its glory. Someone else's opinion shouldn't stop you from expressing yourself and wearing what makes you happy.   


Women face this kind of backlash and hatred every single day. We focus on making ourselves look and feel better and we fail at making others feel that way too. Maybe it’s jealousy, maybe it’s just plain simple hatred. You can never fully understand another person’s reasons for reacting the way they do. Not even knowing the hater makes matters even worse. But even from their side, it is extremely easy to hate on someone when you don’t know them and yet know that they will never know you. That’s why haters are everywhere today. For the rest of us who just want to do what we feel it’s right and dress like we want, it should never ever become a thing. We have to stay true to ourselves first and foremost. What we have within us is what makes us special. Our attitude and our personality defines our style which by default is the first thing everyone sees. So, being able to reflect our innermost desires through the help of our good friend - fashion, it’s can be a thing of beauty.  You can wear your favourite rain boots even though it’s not raining. You can wear your favorite T-shirt any given day of the week if you feel so. As for the haters, all we can do is pray and hope that they will somehow grow and change their vicious ways.  


What I hope we all learned today is that you shouldn't let any opinion, be that by a close friend or more importantly by a person you don't even know, shake your beliefs and choices regarding your style. Secondly, don’t even make compromises to fit to someone else’s point of view. Because fulfilling someone else’s opinions and expectations of you is like wearing an outfit that doesn’t quite fit. You can try to make it work, but at the end it’s like wearing a pencil skirt that is so tight, you might reach out for the scissors and cut it open just so you can breathe freely. Everyone does have an opinion, but living in someone else’s can quite literally hurt your body as well as your soul. So the next time you're prone to repeat this mistake just pinch yourselves or do a different less painful activity that will pull you from going down that road again. Do the right thing, by you. The best thing in the world is feeling great. An outfit is a sure way to achieve it.

By Katerina Dimitrioska - Editor at She Is Rebel 


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