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Let us talk about a topic that should concern all of us, as women, as people, as part of this magical planet we call Earth. The phrase "We should all be feminists" is not just a fancy slogan written on a Dior T-shirt for the sake of fashion or style. It's a sign, a beacon of hope for all the women out there, that we will finally get what we are entitled to by birth. Before you get scared and think I am going to try and convert you all into feminism I will inform you that this will be a lighter version of a serious topic. Just a simple article about those who don't know what feminism is all about, yet have the audacity to comment on such important topic.


I believe I speak the words of all self-respecting women out there when I say that we all hate it when someone even tries to connect or even disrespect our right to choose. In the 21st century all women should have no problem setting the course of their own lives. As previously mentioned, here we will discuss our right to wear what we want and love. I am talking about people that make connections between feminism and fashion. The preconceived notion that suggests a real feminist is a woman that hates men, dresses androgynous and never puts makeup on. A notion that I believe started as an evil attempt to belittle women that know how to stand up for themselves and fight for their rights as human beings.


I grew up in a classic setting, a caring mother, a hardworking father and an annoying older sister. My surroundings were still of a conservative nature, with the classic roles of women as mothers and men as something below gods. Being born a boy was still a greater joy in the family than having a girl. A sad creature you have to care for until you give her away to a husband that will continue to carry that heavy burden. Not to sound so dramatic and make you think I was born in a native land (I do have hyperbolical tendencies,) but thinking back it does look and feel like that to me.


So the notion of a girl that knows herself, knows her style, likes to dress up and puts makeup on, being a feminist is still something a lot of people can't understand. I have trouble believing that in the era of technology, rapid development, airplanes and self-driving cars, we still think like our forefathers. Don't kid yourselves, it's not just men that have these stereotypes. It's women too, and I really don't know what is worse. I believe they both are.

My choosing to wear a pretty pink dress has nothing to do with my opinion that I should or better yet must be valued as a human being and receive the same rights and privileges as men do. My pretty pink nail polish has nothing to do with the fact that I deserve the same salary as my male colleagues. Not to put a wrong spin on pink, it's a color my boyfriend pulls off even better than me. But I believe you get my point.



I should have a hard time finding something that is connected to girls only as the pink color is, because we shouldn't label anything as just for girls and just for guys. Well, except our biology, which we have even managed to manipulate and play with.

I am a firm believer that the environment is the key factor that shapes a human being. But I am also a firm believer that it can go in more ways than one. You can either accept it and act accordingly, or push against it and start to oppose it. I have always been on the rebellious side. I believe that's why I have decided to talk more, write more and get more active and involved about subjects like feminism.


We should all first and foremost stand up for what we believe in. We should all wear that dress we like and not give a damn about other people’s opinions. We are all capable of reaching great heights and we should always strive to. So don’t make the mistake of undermining or underestimating the power that lies in every woman. Most importantly don’t confuse a woman’s outfit of choice with her self-worth. The woman with a pretty dress and a bow tie does know who she is, what she's wants and more importantly how much she deserves.

By Katerina Dimitrioska - Editor at She Is Rebel 


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