PROFILE - 15 Fashion Icons To Follow On Instagram

We don't like following fashion trends but we certainly like discovering how to pull off a style. While fashion-savvy girls nail this easily, not all of us are actually fashionistas putting pieces together so effortlessly and getting the look we want. In those moments we know that we've got a lifesaver called Instagram! 

After all, trends come and go, but style is something that evolves with you and your lifestyle. Thus, having a scroll on other fashion-savvy girls' profiles can help crack the style code you imagine for yourself. To make your navigating easy, we have rounded up some true gems that has inspired our wardrobes, and that are bold, fierce, and not afraid to experiment, and that you should add to your radar! 

1. Megan Ellaby 

She Is Rebel - Fashion icons on instagram - megan ellaby

Former Asos stylist Megan Ellaby is not afraid to walk on the wild side when it comes to her outfits. She loves a bit of clashing of prints, 70s-inspired blouses, and unique statement bags. Her style is somewhat retro with a rebellious edge to it, something we all admire at Rebel HQ! What we also love about her is how she dresses for her, and when faced with negative comments about her style, does not care – as long as she is expressing her personality with her clothes, she’s happy!

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2. Samantha Maria

She Is Rebel - Fashion icons on instagram - Samantha Maria

Sammi has been around the blogosphere for a while, previously known as Beauty Crush, she made her debut in 2009, and people could not get enough of her curly ‘frow! With a degree in fashion styling, she definitely knows a thing or two, and can be seen rocking feminine but edgy outfits. She steps out of her comfort zone, all whilst knowing what suits her. Also, she is a major Girlboss! She juggles her blog, her YouTube channel, and also is a mother to stylish tot Indie-Rose.

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3. Caroline Receveur

She Is Rebel - Fashion icons on instagram - Caroline Receveur

French influencer Caroline Receveur is a symbol of Parisian chic. She dresses minimally, but still injects a little trend into her looks. She is expecting a baby with model Hugo Philip, but that doesn’t mean she’s not absolutely killing it in the fashion stakes, if anything, she is getting more and more stylish! We can’t wait to see the looks she has planned for Summer 18.

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4. We Wore What (Danielle Bernstein)

She Is Rebel - Fashion icons on instagram - We Wore What (Danielle Bernstein)

Danielle Bernstein is one of the biggest fashion bloggers out there, and it’s hardly surprising really once you take a look at her repertoire of looks. Again, we can all learn something with Danielle’s outfits. Not afraid to take a dive into the deep end, she can often be found experimenting with sports-luxe or even glam rock styles. Somehow, she just pulls it off! She is fearless, sassy and classy, and teaches us that we can rock anything when we put our minds to it.

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5. Little Magpie (Amy Bell)

She Is Rebel - Fashion icons on instagram - Little Magpie (Amy Bell)

Little Magpie, or Amy Bell, is an up-and-coming blogger whose popularity has soared over the past year. She mixes masculine work shirts with more feminine pieces, for timeless and chic looks. Her style is eclectic, she can go from a glamorous look to a tomboy vibe, and she totally works it! Her photos are like fashion magazine photo-shoots, and are shot in all sorts of exotic locations. If the outfits aren’t dreamy enough, the locations do the trick!

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6. EJ Style (Emma Hill)

She Is Rebel - Fashion icons on instagram - EJ Style (Emma Hill)

Emma Hill is chic yet trendy with her timeless tailoring and her subtle color scheme. She has made us fall back in love with trouser suits and wicker bags this season and has won us over with her down-to-Earth personality. Not one to miss out on a bargain, not only does she show us her luxury purchases, she isn’t afraid to splash out on high street brands such as Topshop and Zara too. Her Instagram is perfect for a girl on a budget.

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7. Sincerely Jules (Julie Sarinana)

She Is Rebel - Fashion icons on instagram - Sincerely Jules (Julie Sarinana)

Julie has been serious style goals for a while, and she hasn’t stopped pulling fabulous outfits of the bag. She’s not afraid of a daring color palette, and her shots look like something straight out of a travel catalog. If you are lacking vacation outfit inspo, then Julie is definitely the one to watch!

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8. Camille Charrière  

She Is Rebel - Fashion icons on instagram - Camille Charrière

Camille uses her Instagram to catalog her everyday outfits out and about in London. As a true Parisian, she hasn’t forgotten her roots and this comes across in her effortless yet smart style. She can usually be found in London’s hotspots with a daring statement pieces such as red knee-high boots, or an oversized shearling coat. No matter how strange or unique the piece is, she rocks it like a Queen!

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9. Nil Ninat 

She Is Rebel - Fashion icons on instagram - Nil Ninat

Fashion forward blogger and Instagrammer Nil’s aesthetic of that of haute couture and trend-driven pieces. She pulls off street style looks like no other, and concocts unimaginable color palettes for her outfits. On her blog, you can find the inspiration behind her looks, and even use the images to create your own dream outfits. As a regular face in Vogue, you can really trust her with her daring style choices.

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10. Feng Fan 

She Is Rebel - Fashion icons on instagram - Feng Fan

Feng manages to wear oversized, masculine pieces all whilst continuing to compliment her smaller frame. Mens’ tailoring may seem oversized on fashion fanatic Feng, but teamed with red high-waisted jogging bottoms instantly becomes a killer outfit. She seems to wear mostly luxury, so if you are looking for unique designer pieces to invest in, maybe you should have a quick visit on her page!

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11. Views By Laura

She Is Rebel - Fashion icons on instagram - Views By Laura

Laura knows how to structure her outfits with one or two statement pieces, and keeping the rest to a minimum. She is also a master at finding unique accessories to compliment her looks, and makes us want to try the long-lost hair scarf or the recent trend of the beret, just to look as cool as her. Her style has a retro edge, and she even wears vintage clothing – if only we could find just as fabulous pieces at our local thrift stores!

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12. Nikita Madhani

She Is Rebel - Fashion icons on instagram - Nikita Madhani

Engineer and blogger Nikita Madhani has got the brains and the beauty. Her outfits are colorful, feminine and exotic, and have a Bohemian feel to them. We also love her for her mixes of high street and luxury. Her outfits may look designer, but some of them are at more than half the price tag! Nikita shows that price does not compromise style or quality.

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13. Stelouchebabouche (Estelle Pigault)

She Is Rebel - Fashion icons on instagram - Stelouchebabouche (Estelle Pigault)

Estelle Pigault is another Frenchie living in London, and the mix of two fashion capitals is what inspires her style. If Estelle looks familiar, that’s because she is a regular at Fashion Weeks, and is a reoccurring face in your favorite street style articles. Like Megan, Estelle’s passion for prints resonates throughout her Instagram page, and makes us just want to throw on some polka dots and checks and head out to the city! What we also love is how she effortlessly combines tailoring and urban sportswear for a modern twist.

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14. Fleur de Mode (Hristina)

She Is Rebel - Fashion icons on instagram - Fleur de Mode (Hristina)

Hristina, or Fleur de Mode’s style stretches from Bohemian to sporty chic. She dares to try out several looks in the space of one week, and feels most confident layering slip dresses and frilled shirts, or teaming a hoodie with tailored trousers. Though she experiments, she never loses that feminine feel to her looks, and knows how to give girlier pieces such as a tulle skirt a rockier edge.

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15. Fabmusealina (Alina Tanasa)

She Is Rebel - Fashion icons on instagram - Fabmusealina (Alina Tanasa)

When Alina isn’t looking like a 60s Pin Up girl, she’s testing Parisian-meets-sportswear looks. She dares Crayola bright shades, including this head-to-toe pink look, and loves adding a playful side to her outfits. Despite this, her outfits are minimalist and timeless, and she has an unlimited collection of trouser suits – definitely a piece to invest in this season!

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By Emma Philo - Editor at She Is Rebel 


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