PROFILE – Caroline Daur, From Her Bedroom To The Catwalk

Caroline Daur has come a long way since her debut as a newbie fashion Instagram influencer on the block. Once a previously unknown fashion blogger from a tiny village near Hamburg, Germany, Caroline Daur has now graced some of the biggest catwalks of the biggest designer houses in the world and starred on some of the world’s biggest fashion magazine covers. In her humble beginnings, she could only dare to dream of the success she would encounter as an influencer and fashion-lover, but being brought up with a strong work ethic certainly helped – her mother is a manager and her father a lawyer, so she decided to carry on their values in her own professional and personal lives.

She Is Rebel - PROFILE – Caroline Daur, From Her Bedroom To The Catwalk - Haute Couture blogger

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Whilst studying business management, Caroline decided to launch her own blog to express her love for fashion, passed down by her mother. When she was writing up articles on Haute Couture and lifestyle from her bedroom, little did she know that that was the turning point in her life, the moment that was going to change the rest of it. What made her stand out during the rise of influencers and Youtubers? Her unique style, her witty articles and her down-to-Earth vibe, some could have argued that her passion for Haute Couture could have made her unrelatable, but the laid-back approach and her sense of humor made her a favorite from the beginning. She knows how to talk to her followers (or as she calls them, her “community”) about luxury fashion without being patronizing or arrogant, something that is a very underestimated ability to have. Soon enough, her blog took off, and that meant making a crucial decision – she either had to build up her future empire or suspend her business studies - she chose the latter. Though that must have been a difficult decision to make, she owned it, and gave her undivided attention to her blog to build it into the success it is today. She couldn’t give up on it, and though she had already achieved a lot, she knew that she should raise the bar every single day.

She Is Rebel - PROFILE – Caroline Daur, From Her Bedroom To The Catwalk - Caro Daur Wears Prada

Via Caroline Daur Instagram

Now, she is one of the biggest fashion influencers in the world. She has the likes of Fendi, Dior and Valentino begging to work with her, and she most recently graced the cover of Elle Romania. She can be seen at every Fashion Week, wearing her favorite Haute Couture designers in an inspiring yet relatable way. She understands the notions of simplicity and sophistication, without entering into the black hole of influencers wearing revealing or crazy clothing just because it’s got a logo on it. She knows what she likes, and she wears it with ease – that’s probably what’s so cool about her style; it’s effortless, it’s not necessarily the clothes she wears, but how she wears them. Confidence, a smile and a dash of edginess are what we all aspire to have when wearing our favorite outfits – find outfits that make you feel good, don’t just go for whatever brand is hot right now.

She Is Rebel - PROFILE – Caroline Daur, From Her Bedroom To The Catwalk - Fashionista Caroline Daur

Via Caroline Daur Instagram

Despite her globe-trotting from one fashion event to the next, Caroline still touches base with her online community and updates her blogs with her adventures. Her humility keeps them hanging onto her every word. She admits that though the fashion industry is a glamorous one, it sure is tiring, and she is transparent with her fans about the toll it takes on her, after all, she’s only human. We need a reality check like this from time to time when we are wandering around Instagram seeing those influencers travelling and being gifted luxurious clothes, acting like they’re living their best life – because none of them have suddenly become superhuman beings. On the top, the pressure of being perfect and present at any given moment is exhausting. Just because things are picture perfect on screen, doesn’t mean they are in reality.

By Emma Philo - Editor at She Is Rebel 


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