SELF - 5 Powerful Mindsets To Self-Discovery

Before you raise your eyebrows and say, “I’ve heard that ‘self-discovery’ word thrown around too many times”, stop. Self-discovery is a word often used by life coaches to illustrate some abstract life track you’re supposed to be on, but they’re right, you need to know who you are to know where you’re going.

Finding yourself certainly takes time. Following these steps one by one may not get you a miraculous epiphany to discover who you are, but you’ll only know once you’ve reached that destination what it took to get you there.

1. See New Things Through Fresh Eyes 


To discover yourself, you have to get discovering. Inject your life with different and various emotions, challenges and interests. Whether you just want to conquer your fear of heights and attempt rock climbing or you decide to go on a year-long road trip, living a new experience will change and form you. Break boundaries and expose yourself to new experiences, wake up to new emotions you have never experienced before, whether good or bad, but the point is to let your body, heart and mind get to know the real you in those more natural, spontaneous moments, hence helping you discover what you like and what you don’t like. The more challenges, the better, we say!

2. Switch To A Positive Mindset To Give Birth To Changes


Whether it’s the company you attract or just your general well-being, you have to surround yourself with people, events, objects that recall positivity. How can you experience new emotions if your mind is too busy with seeing the empty glass in everything? If you’re feeling negative, you can’t see an alarming high amount of the opportunities in front of you, it’s almost like a dark curtain has been drawn on your life progress. Negativity draws you to a halt, as, like we all have done in the past, we wonder what the point of doing something is when we’re not going to reach our goal. As a result, you can’t expect anything new to be discovered in your life. Shake off that negativity! Positivity will allow you to venture into new possibilities. Be it daring to apply for a higher position job or dropping everything to travel, this will shape you into the real you.

3. Take Time To Listen To Yourself


How can you discover yourself if you’re constantly tuned into what others are thinking? Are your thoughts your true, authentic choices? Or are you being influenced by third parties? Just take time for yourself to see what actually makes you tick instead of that influencer you’ve been binge-watching on YouTube or your very outspoken friend, and form your own opinions, likes and dislikes. In the long run, you will always be appreciated for being true to yourself and having a different opinion to the masses instead of having a mediocre, same-old mentality. Discovering your inner and authentic thoughts without an outside influence will allow you to determine what you want, need and feel, and you will feel refreshed and rebooted for your next opportunities.

4. What's Done Is Done


We all struggle to come to terms with things that have happened in our past – professionally or personally, but doing so will lift the burden off your shoulders and set you free. Easier said than done, but accepting your past will help you move forward, and therefore continue on the path to self discovery and success. Though some of the most creative people in history were tortured souls, you can bring even more by accepting the past and using that pain in a positive way – charity work, channeling your thoughts through writing or being a mentor to others are just some of the ways you can do so.

5. Most Importantly, Pursue Your Passion


Even if you’re not quite sure what you want to venture into, pursuing your passions, whether it’s attending a local art group or researching more on your favorite topic, enriching your knowledge with things you’re passionate about can only help you discover your likes, dislikes and yourself all the more. No matter the topic, passionate people are perceived more motivated than others and get themselves heard thanks to their natural drive. Being passionate about something is attractive both professionally and personally, which arouses feelings in others to get involved with you and help you advance. This results in making you feel more satisfied and positive towards life in general while allowing you to discover along the way what you enjoy experiencing.

Are you ready to take the world by storm as a powerful woman? Do you think you know your real self enough? We’d love to read your accomplishments and goals and work on them all together to get there in the next few months. Get discovering, Rebels!

By Emma Philo - Editor at She Is Rebel 


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