STYLE – 5 Reasons To Love June Sixty Five’s Style

Though we love to boast about having our own unique style identities, we have to be honest – we’re all inspired by something or someone, and sometimes that inspiration needs refreshing. I feel like we always hear about the same influencers, and not enough credit, whether it’s style or career-related, is given to those just waiting to be discovered by style fanatics such as ourselves.

My personal pet peeve is seeing influencers trying to sell us outfits that, yes sure, look the bomb, but they just aren’t realistic. If you’re going to a red carpet event, sure – but we’re not being dressed by celebrity stylists and receiving heaps of invitations through the post, doesn’t mean we don’t want to look and feel great!

Meet French influencer, Frederica, or June Sixty Five as she’s most commonly known. The Youtuber and regular Instagrammer loves to show off her sun-kissed glow in some amazing outfits. She has collaborated with jewelry brands like Stilnest and luxury brands such as The Kooples, rapidly building up her portfolio and her career experiences. It’s hardly surprising when you see her outfits – they are just the right balance of feminine and flirty, without being unrelatable or over-the-top for most of us. We lust after her occasion wear outfits just as much as we are adding her more casual outfits to our wish list – here are 5 reasons you will love June Sixty Five’s style!

1. It's Minimum Fuss

She Is Rebel - STYLE – 5 Reasons To Love June Sixty Five’s Style - Minimum Fuss Style

Via June Sixty Five Instagram

At some point in our lives, we’ve all wanted to look a little extra – but most days, we just want to kick back and make minimum effort into our outfits but still feel empowered and stylish in what we have chosen. Frederica’s style is like us on most days – a concoction of several of our favorite styles – bohemian, edgy and feminine. She’ll team a white mini skirt with a black vest top and a fedora and still make a statement, no matter how subtle the color palette is. Just because it’s minimum effort, doesn’t mean it’s minimum effect.

2. Just The Right Amount Of Sexy

She Is Rebel - STYLE – 5 Reasons To Love June Sixty Five’s Style - Just The Right Amount Of Sexy

Via June Sixty Five Instagram

There’s a fine line between being sexy and fierce, and being trashy – Frederica gets it spot on. You can add a little oomph to your outfit with lace or mesh panel tops to show a hint of flesh in a subtle way, and we love how she juxtaposes this kind of look with acid wash jeans to make it more day-friendly. Being a fashion influencer, she must have a huge wardrobe, but she makes use of what is there to create some spell-binding looks.

3. She Has Fun

She Is Rebel - STYLE – 5 Reasons To Love June Sixty Five’s Style - She Has Fun

Via June Sixty Five Instagram

It’s hard to put Frederica’s style in a box, in one look she’ll be going full-on Bohemian with a little frilly dress and cowboy boots, and in another, she will be roughening up her feminine look with a vinyl biker jacket. She’s got what style is all about – discovering what you love and being playful. Though everyone loves a trend or two, she experiments with what suits her to create an authentic look – 100% Frederica.

4. She's A True Girlboss, Dressing Like A Girlboss

She Is Rebel - STYLE – 5 Reasons To Love June Sixty Five’s Style - Dressing Like A Girlboss

Via June Sixty Five Instagram

Knowing that Frederica is one of France’s biggest influencers, but also that she is working hard to develop her brand and has collaborations with some of the biggest fashion brands, is empowering enough, but seeing her confident and rocking her outfits with sass, makes us believe that we can be empowered by our own style – to be a girlboss, it doesn’t have to be formal. Even if it’s a pair of jeans and a nice blouse, or a blazer dress and boots, Frederica teaches us that you can be sassy no matter what you wear!

5. She's Careful With Her High-End Purchases

She Is Rebel - STYLE – 5 Reasons To Love June Sixty Five’s Style - She's Careful With High-End Purchases

Via June Sixty Five Instagram

We love luxury labels just as much as the next person, but I know I feel frustrated when I see fashion influencers wear head-to-toe luxury 100% of the time – obviously it’s an amazing move for them in terms of their career, but for us passersby, liking an outfit and seeing it’s all Dior on every other picture is tiresome. Seeing that Frederica’s style has just the right balance of high street and high end makes it relatable, and proves you don’t have to have a colossal budget to have a fashionable wardrobe.

By Emma Philo - Editor at She Is Rebel 


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