STYLE - The “Big Logo” Trend – What Is It All About?

The logo fashion trend, one of the hottest trends latelyseems here to stay for a while. It pretty much does what it says on the tin – it is showing off the fact you are wearing a certain designer, and making sure everyone knows about it with a designer's logo variously presented on an outfit.

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Let’s take the iconic Gucci belt for example, now Gucci do several belts, but when I say the Gucci belt, you all know which one I am talking about, don’t you? For a piece that is so trend-driven, it is actually quite basic. Just a black, or tan, belt with a gold Gucci logo buckle. So what’s the fuss about? Well, it came out at a time where to be fair, most of us had either neglected our belts or not even invested in any, and it had the fashion industry completely gaga! Whilst Gucci has the most vibrant, unique pieces that turn heads, everyone seems to be buying that belt! And it’s quite enticing too. I admit when I first saw it on my favorite influencers, I was on Net à Porter searching the price. I even looked at Vestiaire Collective for a second-hand one, but am I not just following the crowd? Am I a little * shudder * boring?

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Although logo tees and accessories have been around since the very start of the industry, it is only just recently that it has become “a thing”. You may remember in the 90s the logo trend was huge, but it was pushed to the side for more subtle designs with a true story behind it. More recently, luxury brands are getting a piece of the action again, and have made less expensive pieces with just their logo for their customers who just want a little recognition when wearing the brand. Gucci is guilty in this respect – they didn’t just stop at the belt, they did Gucci t-shirts, sweatshirts with embroidered double Gs. Chanel had the same idea, and the double Cs can be found on many pieces too.

She Is Rebel - logo trend

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Just because we invest in these extremely-branded pieces, it doesn’t even mean we like them that much. Some people even buy these items as fashion statements without even knowing the brands, so that’s pretty much proof that we are following the crowd. A black belt is always useful, and goes with everything, but does it necessarily have to have the double Gs on it? We all love a cross-body bag, but is it actually necessary to have the double Cs on it? If you are lovers of the brand, shouldn’t you prefer something that represents your personality, something a little more unique perhaps? Though some people genuinely like these pieces, maybe others feel like it portrays a different image of themselves. Even if fashion is all about feeling good about yourself and expressing your personality, do you genuinely feel awesome and special wearing heavily-branded pieces from head to toe?  

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Via Gal Meets Glam

Though branded pieces have been in the background since the 90s, it has slowly crept up on us. For Spring/Summer 16, it came back with a bang, and designers such as Alexander Wang, Loewe, and of course Gucci. Like with most trends, if the top designers are doing it, then it’s going to stick around, and that is what happened with logomania. But had it not been presented on the catwalk, would we have been that obsessed with it? I feel like we would be less aware of the trend, because we would feel like it was something quite ordinary in comparison to what it made out to be. 

Logomania is a far cry from what brands usually aim to do to attract their customers. Selling pieces is important, of course, but the customer tends to connect to storytelling. Before, the customer wanted to be that iconic main character, they felt emotion towards the brand, they had a special connection. Brands have picked up on this, and have acted on it, slowly but surely becoming more expressionist by using stories, but also heavily branded pieces to make sure their customer stands out. However, when everyone gets in on the act, does anyone stand out? 

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Via Vogue Runway

That’s not to say that these pieces are the source of all evil – if you feel good in them, it’s definitely worth the investment. But if you are just becoming another fashion victim, and you are doing it because everyone has it, then you need to question yourself. Is that really a valid reason? Isn’t it actually worth checking out the brand’s selection and seeing if you can spot something that will allow you to express your personality? Fendi have made logo prints outlandish with their Fendi print fur coat to be fair, but even with that, you may feel like a walking-talking ad...

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Via Vogue US

Furthermore, some brands have played with this “absurd” trend and made ironic versions, with hilarious results. Designer Demna Gvasalia sent Gosha Rubchinsky down the catwalk in 2016 in a bright yellow “DHL” t-shirt. The funny thing is, though it is was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, it became a highly sought after piece. Something so banal as DHL became an iconic brand somehow and the t-shirts sold out within minutes… Is this just proving how ridiculous the industry is getting? 

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Have you invested in this trend? Do you think it is too explicit, or do you think it is a great way of introducing people to certain designers? We would love to know what you think! 

By Emma Philo - Editor at She Is Rebel 


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SHE IS REBEL October 13 2018

@Dna: We couldn’t summarize it better! And for your last question/statement: they all probably become trash in their wardrobe that never get to be worn again.

dna October 12 2018

I think the logo craze is pathetic. It’s the worst trend in all of fashion. There is one upside, though: I’m saving tons of money because I can’t buy anything thanks to some idiot – genius, really – who decided to slap a logo onto a crappy t-shirt and sell it for $500.00. I can’t believe it worked … shows that I know nothing. I can only sit and wait for this horrific episode in in fashion to pass. I have to wonder, however, what will the mindless sheep do with their logo pieces when the craze fades into oblivion where it belongs?