April 06 2018
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STYLE - The “Big Logo” Trend – What Is It All About?

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SHE IS REBEL - October 13 2018

@Dna: We couldn’t summarize it better! And for your last question/statement: they all probably become trash in their wardrobe that never get to be worn again.

dna - October 12 2018

I think the logo craze is pathetic. It’s the worst trend in all of fashion. There is one upside, though: I’m saving tons of money because I can’t buy anything thanks to some idiot – genius, really – who decided to slap a logo onto a crappy t-shirt and sell it for $500.00. I can’t believe it worked … shows that I know nothing. I can only sit and wait for this horrific episode in in fashion to pass. I have to wonder, however, what will the mindless sheep do with their logo pieces when the craze fades into oblivion where it belongs?

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