STYLE - Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Parisian Style

There is a reason why Paris is one of the fashion capitals - not that much of a coincidence. Parisians’ style has been envied and imitated for decades, by fellow Frenchies and even abroad. We’re not talking about just a Breton stripe tee and a beret – we are talking proper trendy outfits, ones we just can’t get enough of. 

She Is Rebel - Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Parisian Style

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Parisian style is something subtle, not over-the-top or arrogant, but looks bucks over its actual price and is so versatile. It’s all about looking laid-back but still empowered and confident. Perhaps it is a tip we can all learn from, because today, we are all so focused on being “different” by wearing bold shades and crazy, extravagant pieces, that we are more or less looking the same.

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There are a lot more than five reasons why I love Parisian style – being brought up in France, it is really at the core of my personal style, even if I have been somewhat influenced by my English roots, it’s something that I have never grown tired of – but here are 5 reasons why you already love it, or may grow to take a few tips and tricks from the French.

Reason 1: Less Is More

She Is Rebel - Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Parisian Style

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Parisian style is so subtle. Today, we are being bombarded by images of people wearing almost next to nothing – which, when it’s on your own terms, is empowering, but when it’s just to follow the crowd, is just so boring. With their style, less truly is more. That doesn’t mean you are fully covered head-to-toe, but it’s amazing what flared trousers, sneakers and a striped sweater can really do for you. The whole vibe is laid-back, yet confident and elegant, it’s trendy – without being too trend-driven – flawless, and timeless. Plus, the Parisian knows what suits her, and doesn’t necessarily abide by the latest trends. It may have taken several trips to her favorite spots at Le Marais, or a trek to Montmartre, but she has tried and tested pieces, and she knows what to commit to.

Reason 2: Timeless Color Palette

She Is rebel - Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Parisian Style

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It may not exceed 2 colors, and may seem “dull” in the scheme of things, but the simplicity of Parisians’ outfits just pulls them together and completes them. This doesn’t make them boring though – of course, navy, white, black and red are at the core of their wardrobe, but Parisians are playing with feminine pastel shades and even neutral tones such as khaki, beige, oak and camel. The trick is to use them with moderation – use up to 3 colors maximum in your outfits, there has to be a “theme” running through them. Example: khaki pants, a white collared blouse and a beige trench coat – classic but classy!

Reason 3: Tailoring

She Is Rebel - Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Parisian Style

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Tailoring has made its comeback this season, but it seems like the Parisians were (like always) very much ahead of us all! They have been rocking tailoring for a while, but there are three key elements that distinguish one suit from another:

  • The pattern/color(s): Prince of Wales check? Navy? Beige?
  • The fit: feminine and fitted, or oversized and androgynous (and therefore sporty)
  • How you wear them: you could wear top and bottom, or wear them as separates to dress them down.

Razor-sharp tailoring is one of the fundamental pieces to a Parisian’s wardrobe. With the more masculine fits coming back, it’s the perfect time to ace the look yourself. Wearing them with strappy heels and a lace vest top will dress up the androgynous look and add that perfect, subtle touch of femininity – voilà!

Reason 4: No Logos

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Yes, I am the person who wrote the Logomania article a few weeks back now, but I am not being biased – in the streets of Paris, have you truly seen a Parisian girl with a huge over-the-top Gucci belt to finish? The answer is no. When she does wear designer, the logo is subtle, a tiny “CC” on a vintage Chanel, or a logo-free bit of Dior jewelry. Parisian style is not about being arrogant, over-the-top or showy – it’s just a natural way of self-expression. And excessively huge logos are not part of that.

Reason 5: The Parisian Is Practical

She Is rebel - Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Parisian Style

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Rumors and stereotypes fly round quickly – one of which is that French women live in their high heels – well, they don’t. The Parisian woman is all about practical style, she doesn’t abandon her fashion identity, but she doesn’t injure herself doing so. Could you imagine taking le métro in Louboutins? It truly would be a Mission Impossible! Also, yes, she does enjoy a Breton stripe, but she doesn’t live in it. When there are so many amazing French designers on her doorstep, why would she limit herself to just stripes? If you are always on the go, you probably have already incorporated a bit of Parisian-ness into your wardrobe, and if you haven’t, this may be the style you have longed for!

She Is rebel - Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Parisian Style

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What do you love most about Parisian style? And what pieces have you got in your wardrobe? We always love hearing from you and getting style inspiration from all of you. Remember to tag us at #SheIsRebel on Instagram and send us your favorite Parisian look!

By Emma Philo - Editor at She Is Rebel     


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