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London is not only a tourist destination, but a fashion capital - so much so that London street style is the one with the most head-turning styles. Why I hear you ask? Because its fashion past and present is so rich and diverse - never will you see two identical looks next to each other for the simple reason that their outfits represent who they are and who they want to be. Let’s take the business woman you would bump into on a day-to-day basis on the tube - she may be smart and sophisticated by day, but by night, when she lets her hair loose, she is sassy, fierce and sexy. Londoners are unapologetically themselves, and not just in fashion.

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London street style is fearless, interesting and can bring a new perspective on anything. If style inspiration is what you are looking for, then London is the place to be! In its long and winding streets, the styles being represented are so diverse – I feel it is a breath of fresh air. Nowadays, everyone is so influenced by the same old thing Instagram shows them, we tend to be sheep and flock to the latest trends. Why should we be afraid to let loose?

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London has around 8,788 million inhabitants, so that is a huge amount of people whose style you could admire. It is a real melting pot, with people from different backgrounds, different origins, which of course, impact on their own personal style. From the tourists or gap year students that bring their inspirations over from abroad, to the original Londoners who have been influenced by Fashion Weeks past and present, they all have something to bring to the table. Seeing this mix come together in perfect harmony is something so spectacular to me, it helps the rest of us experiment more and become bolder in our fashion choices. Plus, you will hardly ever see two people with the same outfit in London – something we all tend to dread when going out, right?

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Another inspirational part of London street style is the commuters on the tube. Yes, some may have stricter dress codes than others, but even those people manage in inject a part of themselves into their workwear. Whether it is by a statement coat or jacket, or with their favorite handbag, they bring their office-wear from drab to a little more fab! During a daily commute, you can see ladies incorporating the latest trends such as pearled brogues, or legendary Chelsea boots, just to find themselves in their “uniform”. The reason why I love this is because at 7am on a Monday morning, seeing someone with a fun, loud handbag, or with a gorgeous coat, brings a little interest to your journey, and in some cases, may even brighten your day. Who said workwear had to be boring?

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The fashion capital is also known for its epic nightlife – for its diverse music and its bars and pubs. Even this can have an influence on someone’s style. London provides you music from everyone from Ed Sheeran to local, less well-known bands. In particular, Camden is one of the most famous places for its nightlife and its music, which is why many fashion brands are located there. This has such a rich and intense effect on music, bringing somewhat of an alternative edge to some people’s outfits at times, even if it is done subconsciously. Just another reason to emphasize my point - the Rolling Stones have played in Camden, and Mick Jagger is still to this day considered a style icon! There is also Shoreditch, situated in East London, that is known for its up-and-coming artists and thrift stores, where some of its inhabitants have more of a hipster-ish style. When all these people come together, it’s like a fashion tapestry – it is very inspiring, especially for those of you who are bored of the same old thing.

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Despite their looks being so different and jaw-dropping, they aren’t afraid to get out the old classics. Chelsea boots were created in, well, Chelsea, in West London, and are a popular favorite in the colder months. Even the Prince of Wales check has been favored for the last year, and has been played with and twisted so no two outfits look the same. They can take a piece and totally transform it into a pure original!

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Last but not least, like with any capital, they have a huge selection of shops – from high street to luxury, you will find any piece you desire! Though Oxford Street is the tourist shopper’s paradise, there are plenty of places you can visit and not have to deal with the thousands of shoppers that flood the streets every day. I highly recommend Carnaby Street for its independent stores, or if you don’t know the word “budget”, then Bond Street is a dream to shop at for more luxury/high-end pieces. The fact that there are so many shops to choose from also helps in making their wardrobe so unique – they have more to choose from!

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London street style has dramatically changed our outlook on fashion and experimenting over the last few years, just from flicking through Fashion Week edition magazines. What do you love about London street style? What are your favorite spots in the capital? We’d love to hear your recommendations!

By Emma Philo - Editor at She Is Rebel 


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