Design process at She Is Rebel


We think well made clothes using great materials and sustainable practices move beyond trends. They have the power to live with you and your lifestyle. At She Is Rebel, our design mission is to create figure-flattering styles that can live with you and inspire you to lead your most stylish and powerful life. 


Backstage of She Is Rebel, Manufacturing process


Our design process takes 8 to 10 weeks from sketch to reality. Instead of big seasonal collections, we make a small selection of the best styles and refresh our stocks frequently. This enables us to create the most wanted designs to wear now. In other words, we get to stay creative for you all year around!





She Is Rebel's inspiration source is real women. From streets to workplace, observing how women convey self-confidence and power through style kicks off our design process.  

We also see our customers' feedback as a serious inspiration source. From Zürich, Paris to New York and California, listening to our customers is a way to share the joy of style and respond to their lifestyle needs.





In order to materialize our ideas, we first develop style samples so that we can create the right design, shape and fitting of a garment. Colors, fabrics and accessories are chosen at this stage.  

Our sketches are first transferred into computer. From there, we print and create paper pattern before fabrics are cut and sewn together. Based on this pattern, we make a sample product to test the fit.

Fit is what makes or breaks a style, no matter how awesome the design. We try our pieces on real women with different body shapes. All our pieces are also fit-tested by our founder too. 





When the fit is right, the professional cutter makes an accurate pattern, which starts the final garment production process.

This cutting step is pretty cool. With the help of the pattern which is laid out on the top, the fabric is cut into uniform plies, then to the shape of the garment. 

We utilize as much fabric as possible and reserve fabric scraps to use them in future products or turn them into new products.





The real excitement starts here. 

After the cut pieces are bundled together, the finished designs are sewed. The team is always excited to bring each design to life. 

Good to note that our partner workshops ensure the delivery of garments in accordance with the Oeko Tex standards of quality and safety.



Final touch


We are big on finishing touches as we believe the devil is in the detail. The last step includes quality control, ironing and packaging of finished designs. The goal is to ensure the best final appearance of garments. 

Multiple quality checks are performed against high quality standards. The team also carries out quality checks when the raw materials arrive at the workshop as well as during the manufacturing for an efficient production. 

Ironing greatly influences the final look and puts the final seal of quality on the garment. Good news because the ironing team consists of super talented people who have been doing it for decades. 



After ironing, the garments are packaged and shipped to our warehouse from Istanbul to Zürich. They look forward to meeting you. 

Fancy seeing you here. Go ahead and scroll through our styles!




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