Sustainability at She Is Rebel

She Is Rebel understands that our planet faces some serious challenges created by the fashion industry and our journey is an ongoing one which we keep challenging ourselves to continually do things better. In 2017, we started She Is Rebel by prioritizing style above everything. As we gain more space in women’s wardrobes globally, we aim to close our loop in our value chain with materials use and waste management step-by-step. 

She Is Rebel's mission is to offer fashionable clothes without sacrificing pocket and the planet.

Because we care about bringing you everything with all transparency, here we share what we have gotten so far.

She Is Rebel - Online fashion brand for women's clothing made with sustainable practices

Sustainable practices are not limited to fabrics.

We love looking awesome as much as you. Yet, making clothes is chemical-hungry, water-thirsty, pollution-heavy. As the environmental impact is spread over entire supply chain, we are aware of our extended responsibility and approach sustainability cradle to cradle. To do the best we can:

♧ We use recycled fabrics of dead stocks and unused fabrics, and eco-friendly fabrics as much as possible.

♧ Instead of short-lived trends and seasonal fashion calendar, we use advanced analytical tools in order to restock and release styles you loved at limited amounts to avoid excessive stock.

Our customer service strives to give best advices to keep returns as low as possible to save you (and the planet) energy. (check how transportation overtook power plants in CO2 emissions).

We ship carbon-neutral via minimal and recyclable packages made from 100% responsible resources.

She Is Rebel - Online fashion brand for women's clothing made with sustainable practices

Every bit counts, so we make it count together.

We'd also love you to join our initiatives to ensure we are doing the best we can: 

♡ Your body and your life always change, so shop sparingly and treasure what you have 

 Discover your style, your body and your lifestyle to shop better  

♡ Follow care instructions to wear your clothes longer 

♡ Always recycle where possible. 

And remember, every bit counts!

She Is Rebel - Online fashion brand for women's clothing made with sustainable practices

We value progress over perfection.

Because we don't settle for anything less than excellence which requires an ongoing commitment, we strive to offer you planet-friendly and style-friendly fashion in the best way we can.

Our upcoming initiatives in 2019 include using only eco-friendly fabrics in all our pieces.

Come check back this page again to watch our progress.



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