Sustainability at She Is Rebel


One might think the most sustainable solution in fashion is getting naked or quitting shopping altogether. We say none.



We work to create a better world where fashion-lovers don’t face a tradeoff between the pleasure of fashion and its environmental cost on our planet.

In everything we do, we consider the people who create and use our clothes, and the lifecycle of our clothes - including harvesting fibers, making fabrics, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, disposing/recycling. 

Our Materials Engineer Founder is very much into sustainability stuff. Creating a stylish recipe to sustainable fashion is kind of a weekday hobby and an endless passion for us.



We rebel against traditional fashion. 


We love looking awesome as much as you. Yet, making clothes is chemical-hungry, water-thirsty, pollution-heavy. She Is Rebel does things differently. We rebel against the traditional fashion manufacturing model based on seasonal, cheaply produced, disposable clothing.



♧ Since Autumn 2019, all our clothing is made by factories in Turkey. Their processes are certified as environment-friendly and they are audited for providing dignified workplace for people.

♧ We produce small amounts in shorter cycles. This means we consider your style choices when restocking and releasing new styles instead of mass trends and seasonal fashion calendar. This minimizes excessive stock which is one of the biggest issues many fashion brands are facing today.

♧ We source eco-friendly fabrics like tencel, viscose, cupro, organic cotton, and recycled fabrics of dead stocks like polyester from Turkey. Most of our clothing is made of V-label certified vegan fabrics that are free of animal products like skins, hair, fur, leather, silk as well as fats (used in chemical compounds to treat fabrics). We think animals belong to nature, not in fashion production system. 



♧ We ship carbon-neutral with minimal packaging (less weight, less carbon footprint to offset). We also send invoice only as email. Digitalization doesn't mean just instagramming after all.

♧ Our packaging pieces are biodegradable and recyclable, made from 100% responsible resources.

♧ The labels in our clothes are made of recycled polyester fiber waste.

♧ We mostly communicate with messages, calls and emails across countries. A better option than business trips. (and running around with a laptop bag) We also avoid unnecessary printing such as mood-boards, look-books. Shared Pinterest boards do the trick.

Our customer service does their best to support you and to keep returns as low as possible in order to save you (and the planet) energy. (check how transportation overtook power plants in CO2 emissions).

Online shopping has 30% less energy consumption than tradition retail. Good for us, because we mostly meet you through our user-friendly website and occasional pop-up shops which we act responsibly from energy use to shop supplies.



You are a smart person.  


Because smart people know how to make a difference, you can join our initiatives that will make your lifestyle even smarter.



♡ Your body and your life always change, so shop sparingly and treasure what you have - Pinterest helps for inspirations.

 Discover your style, your body and your lifestyle to shop for your needs - following trends blindy is not for rebels anyway.

♡ Follow care instructions to wear your clothes longer.

♡ Only launder as needed to save water, energy and detergent - bonus point if you set your washing machine to cold.

♡ Hang your clothes to dry like our great grandmothers - oldies, but goldies.

♡ Always recycle where possible. 

It is easier to think your actions won't change the world. But, the world doesn't suddenly become sustainable or unsustainable by one action. It is an ongoing and collective act. Every action counts and makes an impact!



We value progress over perfection.  


When it comes to the Mother Earth, we can't settle for anything less than the best. This requires an ongoing commitment, which we challenge ourselves continually to do better in order to offer you planet-friendly and style-friendly fashion experience. We are not perfect, but we keep searching for answers to move the needle.



In 2019, we have successfully switched to working only with certified eco-friendly fabric suppliers and audited ethical manufacturers in Istanbul. 

We are evaluating:

- how we can lower our carbon footprint further in our supply chain

- how we can close our loop by introducing a concept to reuse and recycle your garments

We are committed to live up to our environmental and social responsibilities and to introduce new sustainability standards to make big impact.

We know She Is Rebel is not the sole solution to the entire fashion industry's problem. As Flannery O'Connor stated, "It's easier to bleed than sweat". At She Is Rebel, we choose to sweat by replacing already bleeding parts with better solutions.


Check back this page again to watch our progress.




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