The chief rebel: Melis Sawerschel

Living between Zurich and Paris, Istanbul-born Melis is a Materials Engineer with a master's in business. She worked in finance for many years until her non-traditional career and rebel character have led her to SHE IS REBEL.

Discover how Melis aims to dress and elevate women.

"SHE IS REBEL is here to take the world by storm." 

Melis Sawerschel founder of She Is Rebel

 Melis 3 years old

Why did you create SHE IS REBEL?

Dressing to me is more than a necessity; it is a way of externalizing who I am. So I used to browse through thousands of clothes to find pieces that will make me look good without feeling bad about their environmental and social impacts. However, fashionable pieces were not really made responsibly, sustainable pieces were not desirable. That’s when my rebel side kicked in to rewrite fashion rules. This led to SHE IS REBEL; creating pieces designed to last through both quality and style, made with eco-friendly materials and methods.

How did you come up with the name SHE IS REBEL?

I am driven by doing things my own way, which made me known as a rebel from an early age. So the name came out organically to pass this energy, because SHE IS REBEL breaks fashion rules to fix the fashion world's unsustainable problems. Like SHE IS REBEL, I think every one of us has something to rebel for. This pursuit not only empowers us, but also stands us out. I wanted SHE IS REBEL to inspire that individual power which comes from following what you believe.

"If you get your power from within, not from what others think or expect from you, you are a rebel." 


Fashion design mood-board of fashion brand for women She Is Rebel

 Melis's mood-board

How would you describe the aesthetic of your clothes?

As an engineer, I approach fashion design as a problem-solver — from finding the finest fabrics and makers to creating flattering proportions. Our designs are feminine and bold, yet effortless and simple. We fit-test every piece on ourselves in the team. We also focus on body-friendly fabrics and cuts to make "I feel great in it" designs. They’re not look at me pieces, but attention-grabbing that says "I am here to take the world by storm.".

What is the role of clothes in rebellion?

Rebellion starts with a state of mind, not a statement of opposition. SHE IS REBEL designs are not just about a woman's style, they're also about her mind, her attitude and her energy. We see clothes as a reflection of this individual power, not as a source of empowerment.

Who is SHE IS REBEL woman?

She is smart and bold. Her style is feminine and fuss-free. She wears quality and versatile pieces rotating from a business meeting to a weekend brunch. Her mind is not on the next season or trends, instead on her next goal in life.

"Women from all over the world, pushing the boundaries, getting things done, making their own rules are the muses of SHE IS REBEL." 

She Is Rebel, women's fashion, made in Turkey, Istanbul


Where are your products made?

In Turkey. Born and raised in Istanbul, I enjoy bringing the best of Turkish craftsmanship to women's wardrobes while highlighting the culture, its heritage and know-how in textile. We work directly with family-run Turkish factories. They share our passion and dedication to make as beautiful as lasting styles. We also source all our eco-friendly materials locally.

What is your approach to sustainability?

We reimagine fashion from the ground up to design beautiful pieces with ecological respect. Sustainability and quality are at the core of everything we do from sourcing eco-friendly fabrics, designing wardrobe staples to conscious shipping. We skip seasonal collections and traditional mark-ups, instead focus on creating high quality individual styles at direct-to-women prices. We aim to replace discount-oriented, disposable fashion culture with value pieces. In the meantime, we enjoy sharing the joy of looking stylish while feeling smart in what we wear.

If you had to sum SHE IS REBEL up in one word, what would it be?