In here, we are always rebel.


She Is Rebel is born for the rebellious ones, the misfits, the badasses, the genius ones, the rule-makers. Those nobody can classify or understand why they do what they do, but they simply do it because they believe so.

Established in 2017 by Turkish Entrepreneur Melis Sawerschel and headquartered in the cosmopolitan city of Zürich (Switzerland), She Is Rebel makes sustainably produced fashionable clothing that celebrates the power of women. 



Our rebellion


She Is Rebel is fashion brand for intelligent, bold and powerful women in style.


For centuries, we have been told to break the rules. We believe the opposite. Because true rebels are the ones who make the rules.

We are among them. 

Our Rebellion is a state of mind, not a statement of opposition. 

We end the era of empowering women, we start the era of powerful women who live, feel, choose like rebel in their lives. 

Because we believe the blonds are smart, the intelligent are sexy. Because no matter where we stand in life, the power resides in every single one of us.

That's why She Is Rebel was born.  





She Is Rebel is online fashion brand and magazine for intelligent, bold and powerful women in style.


She Is Rebel's style is the union of power cuts, embraced femininity and bold prints. Every piece is designed with She Is Rebel's Women's lifestyle in mind, to channel her power into office, after-party, weekend, or whatever occasion. She is intelligent, bold and powerful. She enjoys making style statement just like the way she makes statement with her character.

All our pieces are fit-tested by our Founder herself. Our partners value their people and the planet as much as we do. Our fabrics come from Turkey which are recycled or certified as eco-friendly. Our garments are made in workshops that are mostly based in Istanbul (Turkey), and audited for ethical and legal compliance.

Discover our design process and sustainable practices.





She Is Rebel is the fashion brand for intelligent, bold and powerful women in style.


We are some of the most rule-bending people in business. We rebel against seeing fashion as consumable or disposable product. We think fashion is our chosen skin. So, we make that choice by considering the best for people and the planet. Every day we are driven by the passion of dressing and inspiring women through well-defined and sustainably made style choices.

We also strive for a hassle-free shopping experience we'd like for ourselves. Our highly rated customer service delivers personalized advice and 7/24 support to make your experience as stylish as our clothes. 

She Is Rebel is available exclusively online and through its own pop-ups in various cities.   




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