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April 2019

3dcart | Earth Day Marketing Tips from Environmentally-Friendly Businesses.

Post Gazetesi Bankacıydı modacı oldu.

Blick | Ihre Mode richtet sich an 'selbstbewusste Frauen, die sich nicht dafür schämen sollen, sexy und intelligent zu sein'.

Handelszeitung | Blond ist smart, füllig ist schön. | 'Perfection doesn’t matter.' The beauty advice from our Founder, Melis to future brides, who shares her experience of doing her own makeup and hair on her wedding dayHere's What It's Like to Do Your Own Hair and Makeup on Your Wedding Day.

My Corporation | Our Founder, Melis inspires upcoming entrepreneurs in the video series of seven inspiring business owners from across the globe discussing about the most asked question of entrepreneurship: No College No Problem.

March 2019

Creative Click Media | Our Founder, Melis shares her opinions on What Does It Mean to Be a Successful Woman in Business? 2019 Edition.

Databox | Our Founder, Melis comments on 22 Content Marketing Metrics You’re Probably Not Tracking (But Should Be). | She Is Rebel is recognized as one of the top female run startups in Switzerland in Showcase for female CEOs.

Professional Women's Group | She Is Rebel is now one of the sponsors of the oldest women network in Zürich, which is long standing over the past 35 years.

Fupping | She Is Rebel offers style advices for 39 Gifts That Anyone’s Mother Would Love To Receive.

IBM | She Is Rebel x IBM meetup for discovering IBM's state of art artificial intelligence tool and the potential applications on eCommerce to provide better customer service at She Is Rebel. (wearing Slogan Legging With Side Stripe)

November 2018

She Is Rebel | She Is Rebel is 1 year old!

EHL Lausanne | Our founder, Melis Sawerschel was a guest lecturer at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne to speak about how she established She Is Rebel from zero to a thriving brand in online world.

August 2018

CEO Blog Nation | 15 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Names.

July 2018

She Is Rebel | Meet Melis, the woman behind She Is Rebel.

June 2018

Tink Turkey | Our founder, Melis Sawerschel gives a speech on 'Marketing and Branding In Digital World' to the students of first technology school in Turkey.

March 2018

Swiss Entrepreneurship Magazine | Interview with our Founder, Melis Sawerschel on She Is Rebel in their special female leaders issue.

Endeavour Turkey Our founder, Melis Sawerschel joins Endeavour Turkey, the leading organization of high-impact entrepreneurship movement around the world, to mentor female-owned start-ups and mid-size businesses on their digital strategies.

February 2018

Creative Supply | Dressing up a rebel.

January 2018

STRIDE | Our founder, Melis Sawerschel gives a speech on 'Can you wear your personal manifesto?' as a part of Personal Branding workshop series at STRIDE - unSchool for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

November 2017

Our founder, Melis Sawerschel spends an evening with female sex workers in drive-in sex boxes in Zürich, listens to their wishes, challenges and hopes, donates 30 pieces of clothes to female sex workers.

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